How to detox your liver naturally

The liver aids the digestive system by assisting in metabolism and storing vitamins and minerals. Because the liver's function is to detoxify the body, detoxifying the liver can be a dangerous process.

The safest way to detoxify your liver is to change your diet to include only vegetable smoothies for a period of time or to try a liver cleanse.

Cleanse the kidneys and colon first. When you remove toxins from your liver, your kidneys and colon need to be able to immediately eliminate these toxins. If toxins get blocked in the kidneys and colon, health problems may arise.

Fast for two or three days, consuming only water and pure fruit juices. If you are unable to fast this long, eat only enough raw fruits and vegetables to keep you from feeling like you are starving. Plan to be home for several days to commit to your cleansing process.

Mix together fresh squeezed juice from both a lemon and a grapefruit, four tablespoons Epsom salts, one vitamin C tablet (crushed) and 1/2 teaspoon olive oil.

Drink the above mixture after rising and eat only fruits and vegetables for the first six hours you are awake. After the sixth hour, fast for the rest of the day.

Drink a second mixture four hours after you begin fasting. Drink a third mixture just before bed.

Lie on your right side for at least an hour, but try to remain on your side the entire night. This will help your liver better absorb the cleansing mixture.

Eat as normal upon waking the following morning. Continue to drink lots of water for the following few days so that you will flush toxins from your system.