How to Fit a Sony Car Stereo in Place

Sony makes premium car stereos for a variety of makes and models of automobiles. Many of these car stereos are aftermarket units that will replace the factory installed stereo.

Because Sony makes direct factory replacements for most vehicles, you can usually find a Sony car stereo that fits your vehicle without any additional modification to either the factory mounting brackets in the dash or the Sony stereo unit. But not all Sony car stereos are direct replacements. Once you've removed the old factory stereo, you're going to need to know how to fit a Sony car stereo in place, with or without adjustment tabs.

Plug the factory antenna into the back of the Sony stereo. The antenna will only fit into one connector slot on the back of the stereo. Then, plug in the factory electrical connector to the back of the Sony stereo.

Slide the Sony stereo into the dash's mounting cage on your vehicle. Check to make sure that the mounting holes line up. If they do, simply install the mounting screws and tighten them.

Fasten adjustment tabs to the mounting cage on the dash in your vehicle with self-tapping screws if the stereo does not line up perfectly. Adjustment tabs extend or alter the factory mounting holes by providing an adjustable bracket that screws into the factory mounting cage or a spacer that aligns the mounting bracket on the Sony stereo with the mounting bracket on the cage in the dash.

Secure the factory bezel around the stereo unit. In most vehicles there are retaining clips that need to be snapped into place. Push the bezel into the dash until you hear them click. Secure the aftermarket bezel (supplied with your new stereo) if the factory bezel no longer fits due to the adjustment tabs.