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How to Make a Boy Scout Neckerchief

The original Boy Scout neckerchief was not created just to denote the rank of the Scout in question. It had many uses, such as signalling and protecting the neck from sunburn. It was larger and did not contain the graphics seen on Scout neckerchiefs today. Making a traditional neckerchief and learning about its uses is a project that can help keep boys in touch with Scouting's past. Make a Boy Scout neckerchief on your own or make it a troop activity.

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  1. Choose a lightweight cotton fabric that is wrinkle resistant. Wash before making your neckerchief so that any shrinkage or fading occurs before sewing.

  2. Measure and cut out a 33- by 33-inch square.

  3. Fold down one-eighth inch along one side of the square, then fold down again one-eighth inch. This will hide the unfinished edge when you hem the sides. Pin in place and repeat for the other three sides of the fabric.

  4. Sew along all the seams, taking care to keep your corners square. Trim off any loose threads.

  5. Fold the neckerchief in half corner to corner to make a triangle. Fasten as you would a modern neckerchief but wear it on top of the collar instead of underneath.

  6. Tip

    Screen print, stencil, or purchase a troop patch to decorate the back of your neckerchief.


    Handmade neckerchiefs are not part of the official uniform, so avoid wearing it at official intertroop functions.

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Things You'll Need

  • Cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

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