How to stop shoes from slipping


Did you buy a fabulous new pair of shoes only to discover that they have an utter disregard for your feet? If your feet keep slipping in your shoes, you may be in for a lifetime of foot aches and blisters. But don't bid farewell to your shoes just yet. Here are some ways you can prevent your feet from having a mind of their own.

If slipping is a constant problem for you, make sure you are buying shoes that are the correct size. Slipping often occurs when the shoe is too big for your feet.

Buy insoles. You can purchase these from any shoe store or drugstore. These will take up space within the shoe and provide some padding. If you are wearing strappy sandals, there are also speciality grips that will keep your heel in place without being conspicuous.

Apply a few adhesive bandages inside the heel of your shoe. Use as many as you need to achieve a good fit.

Another trick is to shove some newspaper into the toe of your shoe. This will push your heel back where it belongs.

You can also spray hairspray around the inside of your shoe before putting it on. The hairspray acts as an adhesive, allowing your feet to better stick to the shoe.

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