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How to Make a Record Birthday Cake

Updated February 21, 2017

No matter how many devices exist for playing music these days, nothing says music like the sight of an old-fashioned record on a record player. Bring back the days of music on vinyl when you make this easy birthday cake. Double your favourite two-layer recipe to make a portable player with a stack of records, and bring out the music-lover in your birthday guests.

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  1. Divide the cake batter among four thoroughly greased and floured pans. Bake and cool thoroughly.

  2. Divide the frosting in half. Colour half the frosting to make the record player. Center the first square layer on the plate, then frost the top. Add the second layer, frost the sides, and thinly frost the top, leaving a small quantity of frosting to put between round layers.

  3. Center a round layer on the record player squares. Frost the top with the remaining tinted frosting. Add the second layer to make a stack of records on your machine.

  4. Use 1 cup of untinted frosting, that you saved out of the dark frosting, to frost the sides of the round layers (the stack of records).

  5. Melt chocolate and add to remaining frosting (it will be quite dark), or tint this frosting with black paste food colouring if you want a more realistic look. Use half of this dark frosting to frost the top of the round layers. Place the remaining half in your pastry tube with a writing tip.

  6. Using the writing tip, pipe horizontal lines around the stacked round layers, to make your stack of records. Use additional piped frosting to put a handle on your square layer stack (the portable record-player). You can also outline a chocolate or black player arm on the top of the record-player. Save a dot of frosting to put in the centre of the record-stack once you've put a label on the top record.

  7. Make a label for your top record using your choice of methods. Cut a piece of shoelace candy to outline the label and fill it with sprinkles. Add a dot of frosting for the record-player spindle in the centre. Or, cut a 3-inch circle out of fruit leather for your label. Don't forget the frosting spindle. Finally, you could make rings of gumdrops in a 3-inch circle--chose a single special-coloured gumdrop for the spindle.

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Things You'll Need

  • Recipe for two-layer cake, doubled 2 (8-inch) round cake pans 2 (9-inch) square cake pans Butter or oil and flour to coat the baking pansButtercream frosting recipe for a two-layer cake, doubled Food colouring, liquid or paste, to tint half the frosting 2 squares unsweetened chocolate to tint the other half of the frosting or black paste food colouring 1 cup of frosting, untinted 1 length red or black shoestring liquorice and coloured sprinklesOR 1 (3-inch) circle cut out of red, orange, or yellow fruit leather OR enough small gumdrops to make a 3-inch circle Pastry tube with small writing tip

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