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How to recover unsaved document in word

Updated February 21, 2017

When working with Microsoft Word, you can recover new or previously saved documents that you were working on in the event that the file is not saved before the program is shut down. If the file is new and has never been saved, you will be able to access the last autosaved version of the document. If you have previously saved the file, then you have a choice of which version you'd like to restore the file to.

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  1. Open the document that you were working with that you need to recover.

  2. Click "File," "Recent" and "Recover Unsaved Documents" located at the bottom right of the dialogue box.

  3. Select the file you want to recover from the Saved Drafts folder that appears. Click "Open."

  4. Click "Save As" in the business bar along the top of the file, and rename the file as desired.

  5. Open the document that you were working with that you need to recover.

  6. Click "File," "Info" and under Versions, click the version "(When I Closed Without Saving)."

  7. Click "Restore" in the business bar at the top of the file to update the file to the last saved version of the document.

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