How to Install BBC iPlayer

The BBC iplayer Desktop is a player that allows you to watch BBC programs via your internet connection. BBC iplayer Desktop enables you to view and listen to UK TV and radio broadcasts from the previous week if you missed them.

You can search, locate and download streaming-HD reality shows, stand-up comedy and sitcoms to watch on your computer. Downloading BBC iplayer Desktop is a simple process you can perform. You'll never have to miss your favourite show.

Navigate to the BBC iPlayer Desktop Download page (see Resources).

Click "Install BBC iPlayer Desktop," then click "Yes" on the Adobe Air Installer window. The download will begin, and an application install window will open.

Click "Install" on the newly opened window, then select the location where you want to save your iPlayer, then click "Continue."

Read the license and term agreement, then click "I agree" to continue. The installation will continue to install BBC iPlayer Desktop. When the installation is complete, BBC iPlayer Desktop will launch automatically, and you can begin searching for programs.