How to Address a Letter to Russia

In Russia, people address a letter the exact opposite of how people in the United States and Europe address letters. Russians start with the large entity, the country, on the top line, then write the city, postcode, then the street address, and finally the recipient, rather than writing the recipient on the top line and working down to the city and country. Although there is this difference, you can address a letter to Russia the same way you would address a letter in the United States, but you must write the city and country in the English alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet.

Address the letter using the following format, which is the same format you would use to send a letter in the United States. The only difference is that the postcode is written before the city. The Russian postal service can handle the Western style of addressing an envelope in international mail. Write all the letters in upper case to make it easier to read. You should write the recipient's name and street address in Cyrillic only, but write the city and country in both English and Cyrillic. Specify that the letter is going to the Russian Federation. Write the country underneath the postcode and city. Click on the link "Russian Translator" under "Resources" at the bottom of this page. This translator can translate Russian cities and most names from the English alphabet into Cyrillic. Make sure to choose "English to Russian" in the drop down language menu on the website. Recipient (Cyrillic) Street Address (Cyrillic) Postcode, City example, Saint Petersburg Санкт-Петербург (Cyrillic and English) Russian Federation Российская Федерация (Cyrillic and English)

Write your return address in the upper left corner. Write the sender's complete name, no initials, full address, zip code, and country of origin. Write the country of origin in English and Cyrillic

Take your letter to the post office or private shipping company, such as FedEx. You will need to get your letter weighed and have proper postage applied to the letter. The letter could take over a week to arrive, so you may want to ship the letter by First Class mail.

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