How to Build a Viking Ship Out of Paper

Making paper mache is a wonderful activity for kids on a rainy day. It's a fun, easy craft that the kids can make from start to finish. A paper mache Viking ship can be made from items commonly found around the house.

Use paper and dark pencil to draw the design of the ship. This can be done by being creative or using a template as a guide (see References.) Remember: The keel needs to resemble that of a Viking ship.

Use a plastic bottle that will be used as the mould. Lay down newspapers on a flat working surface, then combine into a bowl one part flour and one part water, adding salt to the water. Mix until the mixture is smooth. You are now ready to mould a ship.

Coat the bottle with newspaper strips that have been dipped in a thin layer of water. These wet newspaper strips will help the paper mache remain intact.

Take strips of the newspaper and dip into the flour mixture and place smoothly on the plastic bottle. Use your fingers to remove excess flour mixture from the plastic mould. Continue until you have achieved the desired amount of paper mache for the ship.

Pull the wet paper mache ship away from the plastic mould. Leave the ship on the table to dry completely. If the paper mache doesn't release easily, then there was not enough layers of paper mache applied to the ship.

Use paints to decorate the Viking ship further.

Use old piece of fabric or index card for the ship's sail. Use Viking colours such as white, red or yellow.

Get some small sticks for the ships mask. Use either the flour mixture or glue and attach the sail to the mast. Make sure the sail has the ability to move freely.

Draw out the rudder on a piece of card stock using your pencil. Look at pictures of Viking ships to get an idea of what this should look like. Once this is drawn, cut out the rudder. The rudder should be attached to the rear part of the boat, usually on the right side. Use glue or tape to secure to the boat.

Create a dragon's head by using markers to draw on a piece of paper. This will be placed on the head of the ship. The hull of the ship should not reach past 10 to 11 inches.

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