How to dispose of lithium ion batteries

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Lithium ion batteries are recyclable and should be recycled for proper disposal. Many electronics retailers that will collect and recycle lithium ion batteries for you so that you can do your part in helping the environment by keeping batteries out of landfills. Household recycling centres run by local councils across the UK will also accept lithium ion batteries.

Identify and gather all the lithium ion batteries you want to recycle. Lithium ion batteries are rechargeable batteries, typically used in mobile phones, laptops, cordless power tools and digital cameras.

Locate a place that collects and recycles lithium ion batteries. Many electronic and camera shops accept lithium ion batteries. You may find a recycling bin for them near the till in the shop. Most council-run household recycling centres also have a dedicated bin for battery recycling.

Once you have found a shop or recycling centre near you, call them to check that they accept lithium ion batteries.

Place each individual battery inside a plastic bag. There should be one battery per plastic bag. You may do this at home before going to the drop-off location, or at the actual shop or recycling centre where plastic bags might be available.

Bring the lithium ion batteries to the recycling collection site and dispose of them in the correct recycling bin.

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