How to get rid of ingrown hairs on a bikini line

Ingrown hairs can be bothersome side effects of hair removal. Though they can happen anywhere on the body, ingrown hairs are common on the bikini line due to the coarse, curly hair that often grows there. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to get rid of ingrown hairs on your bikini line. You can also employ careful techniques to discourage the appearance of new ingrown hairs in the area.

Exfoliate your bikini line regularly, using a body scrub and loofah. Dead skin cells that reside on the surface of your skin can cause and worsen ingrown hairs. These cells block the hair follicles' openings so the hairs cannot pierce through the skin's surface. Exfoliate the area twice weekly to experience a reduction in ingrown hairs.

Wear loose, cotton clothing. Cotton is more breathable than most other fabrics, helping your skin to remain healthier. Tight, synthetic clothing traps bacteria and sweat next to your skin, thereby exacerbating ingrown hairs.

Wash your bikini line daily with an antibacterial cleanser. Bacteria greatly worsens ingrown hairs. Keep the area free from sweat, excess oil and bacteria and you'll notice fewer ingrown hairs.

Use toner or astringent on your bikini line. Most toners and astringents contain alcohol, which tightens pores and kills bacteria. They will also encourage skin cell turnover, thereby discouraging ingrown hair formation. You can even find toners or astringents that are designed to treat ingrown hairs.

Apply hydrocortisone cream to your bikini line. Hydrocortisone cream calms irritated skin. It will also reduce swelling and redness, helping your ingrown hairs to heal more quickly.

Consider long-term hair removal techniques. Electrolysis and laser hair removal offer permanent hair removal or reduction. If you pursue such hair removal treatments, you'll experience a serious reduction in ingrown hairs in your bikini area.

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