How to Draw Star Wars Vehicles

Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

The X-Wing is one of the Star Wars universe's most popular vehicles. Many Star Wars vehicles have elements of old World War II plans and ships. This gives the Star Wars vehicles the rustic elements that really set the imagined vehicles in Star Wars apart.

This also helps ground the vehicles in reality and make them seem more believable. Keep these elements in mind as you draw the X-Wing that Luke Skywalker famously piloted in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Draw a thin "X" shape in the centre of the page. Make this "X" very flat. Draw a long thin diagonal rectangle extending from the centre of the "X". Attach a long thin triangle to the right side of the rectangle. Attach a square to the back of the triangle. Place a square on the back of the rectangle.

Draw parallel diagonal lines just behind each line of the "X" to flesh out the wings. Add diagonal lines to the sides of each wing for the guns.

Draw two cylinders at the bottom of each wing, near the bottom of the plane. Add a circle to the front of the cylinders. Add another circle directly under these circles. Add a dome for the R2 droid on top of the body of the plane. Draw a horizontal line across the nose of the plane.

Erase the overlapping guidelines on the X-Wing. Ink the entire picture. Let the ink dry for several minutes and erase the pencil lines.

Color the window of the X-Wing dark grey. Color the bottom two wings grey. Add a sideways "L" shape of red to the upper left wing. Add a reverse sideways red "L" shape to the upper right wing. Draw an orange rectangle on the front of the X-Wing. Add a small square of orange near the front. Draw two blue squares on the top of the R2 robot's dome.