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How to Build a Squirrel Feeder Jar

Updated February 21, 2017

A squirrel feeder is a way to attract more wildlife to your backyard or private garden. It's simple to make and will bring squirrels. Not only will it attract these adorable creatures, it will keep them from going after the birds in your bird feeders.

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  1. Use a board that is 6 foot 1 inch by 6 inches wide. Start at one end of the board and cut the following pieces: one piece 3 inches long, two 8 inch long pieces, one 17 and 1/4 inch long piece, and two 16 inch long pieces.

  2. Take your 3 inch piece and trace half of the circumference of your jar onto the end of it, to make a half circle. Cut out the half circle using a sabre saw. Turn it upside down and make sure the jar can fit in the groove snugly.

  3. Take your 16 inch board and lay it flat. Mount the 3 inch piece 3 inches from the end of the 16 inch board. At the edge of the base, attach the half circle you cut from the 3 inch piece, so it can stop the end of the jar from sliding off. Use deck screws coming up from the bottom to attach the pieces.

  4. Take the 17 and 1/4 inch long piece and measure 9 and 1/4 inches up the right side. Mark the spot and measure the same distance from the top corner of the left side down. Connect the two marks with a ruler, and cut the boards apart at this angle. They should be identical.

  5. Measure about 3 inches from the bottom of the other 16 inch piece and screw the first 16 inch piece (the one where you attached the pieces that will hold the jar) onto it. They should make an L-shape with some extra space at the bottom.

  6. Take the two 9 and 1/4 inch pieces that you cut at an angle and cut a 3 inch hole in each, about 3 inches from the top and centred. Screw them where the base and back meet, lining them up with the edges to form the sides of your feeder.

  7. Measure the circumference of the body of your jar and cut a hole this size in one of your 8 inch pieces. Attach this piece to the front of the two sides you just attached.

  8. Screw, or use wood glue, to attach the last 8 inch piece on top of the sides to form the roof. It should butt up against the back of the feeder, but should still overhang the sides.

  9. Fill the jar with food and place it into the hole, using the semicircle at the end to keep it from sliding. Screw the feeder onto the trunk of a tree where you commonly see squirrels, and refill it as needed.

  10. Tip

    Make sure you have enough room to tip the jar out to refill it with food.

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Things You'll Need

  • 6'1" x 6" Board
  • Handsaw
  • Sabre Saw
  • Large Glass Jar
  • Deck Screws
  • Ruler
  • Wood Glue (Optional)

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