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How to Make a Warhammer Game Table

Updated July 20, 2017

The hobby of Warhammer is as much about crafting and painting as it is about playing. After spending countless hours painting and detailing an army, who wants to play war games on a plain tabletop? Follow these steps to quickly make a beautiful gaming table with minimal effort.

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  1. Consider ready-made products on the market before committing to a large-scale layout. These products may seem as though they limit artistic freedom, but they do not come assembled or painted. This way, you can put your own artistic bent without starting from scratch. For a good gaming surface that easily rolls away, try Woodland Scenics Ready Grass. It is a vinyl mat precovered in different shades of grass that is easy to store.

  2. Construct simple hills that can fit Warhammer armies on top of them. You can manufacture these from styrofoam or cardboard. Citadel also offers ready-made hills that can be deployed easily on your battlefield.

  3. Warhammer is not complete without some cover for your armies to hide in. Create some wooded areas for your archers to take cover behind. Citadel makes some prefabricated trees, but Woodland Scenics offers some great products that are easy to put together and allow for creative freedom. Simply bend the tree trunks to any form you choose, dip them in glue and then dip them in the colour foliage you want. Woodland Scenics makes numerous shades of tree leaves that will match your Army's theme.

  4. Make a table that is specific to a certain army. Use all the leftover parts you have from your models to decorate your scenery. Use leftover flags and banners to mark your territory on hills and roads. Alternatively, use bits and pieces of your enemy to show that you have defeated them by leaving tattered banners on the ground or even dead bodies.

  5. Consider Citadel's Realm of Battle game board once you have enough pieces to play with. It breaks down into six 2-foot by 2-foot pieces for a 6-foot by 4-foot playing surface. You can paint it any way you want and rearrange it every time you play. This is the easiest and most convenient way to have a game board, since it folds up into a simple container when not in use.

  6. Add some buildings to your layout. You can purchase some building parts from manors and castles and assemble them as intended. However, if it fits your army, break out the craft knife and cut it up to where it looks like a dilapidated home that your army has destroyed.

  7. Tip

    Discuss with your opponent which terrain will be deemed impassable or difficult terrain before the game to avoid arguments. Write this on the bottom for future reference.


    Don't feel that you must have everything all at once. It takes a while to build up enough to cover an entire gaming table. In the meantime, use household objects like cups or crumpled paper to stand for difficult terrain and other things. You can still enjoy the game while you are working toward your final goal.

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Things You'll Need

  • Warhammer Army and Army Book
  • Paint
  • Model scenery flock
  • Glue
  • Paintbrushes
  • Model grass
  • Model trees
  • Citadel game board
  • Citadel housing structures

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