Breville Bread Maker Instructions

The Australian home-appliance company Breville has produced multiple models of bread makers and has three different styles on the market today. While features may be similar, it is best to obtain a copy of the actual manual for your bread-maker model by contacting the manufacturer or searching online at


The display window shows you all of the current settings for the bread machine---what program it is on, how far along in the baking process the machine is and what settings you have selected for loaf size and crust colour. The buttons below the display are what you use to select and change the settings. The loaf-size icon resembles a small (750g), medium (1kg) and large (1.25kg) loaf---the highlighted size is the current selection.

The crust icon shows three loaves of the same size that represent, from left, light, medium and dark crust. The baking progress monitor goes, from left, preheat (not used on all settings), knead, rise, bake and keep warm.

Basic use

First, remove the bread pan by pulling it straight up out of the machine. Then, add your ingredients in the order listed in the recipe you are using. Replace the bread pan, ensuring that the pan is firmly in place and that the kneading blade is fitted over the shaft at the centre of the machine. Close the lid, plug the machine in and turn it on. Then, select the appropriate menu setting (1 to 12) for your recipe using the "menu" button, use the "crust colour" and "loaf size" buttons to select your desired options, and press "start" to begin baking. To change the menu number, crust or size settings, press the appropriate button repeatedly until your desired option is shown on the display.

Menu settings

  1. Basic
  2. Turbo/Fast bake---faster process but may result in denser bread.
  3. Gluten-free/Yeast-free
  4. Whea---for making whole wheat breads, which take longer to cook
  5. Sweet---for making breads that require additional ingredients to sweeten the bread, such as dried fruits or chocolate
  6. French---for crusty French- or Italian-style breads
  7. Cake---for baking cakes. Breville recommends using the "light" crust setting for cakes.
  8. Damper/speciality loaf
  9. Jam---for making fresh jams, not breads
  10. Bake---skips over the knead and rise cycles and begins baking immediately
  11. Pasta dough
  12. Pizza dough

Fruit and nut dispenser

The Breville Professional Bread Maker includes a fruit and nut dispenser for adding ingredients that are to be mixed in later in the bread-making process. The dispenser holds up to 1 cup of dry ingredients and releases them during the second knead. Breville recommends using the dispenser only with the Basic, Gluten/Yeast-Free, Wheat and Sweet settings; however, the dispenser can be used with any program.

Care and cleaning

Remove the bread pan from the machine to clean it, but do not fully immerse the bread pan in water during cleaning or use abrasive cleaning products, which could damage the non-stick coating. If you spill substances on the outside of the machine, you can wipe them with a damp cloth, but ensure the machine is not plugged in at the time. To clean the inside of the lid, first remove it by lifting it to a 45-degree angle and pulling it out. Clean the fruit and nut dispenser by wiping it out with a damp cloth, using a little dish soap if needed.

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