How to Replace an Acer 5610 Laptop CMOS Battery

Typical CMOS battery design

The CMOS battery is the power source that feeds your computer's essential process while the computer is turned off; it's the reason why your computer knows exactly what day and time it is even when it has been off for a while. On most computers, it also powers the BIOS memory, which is essential to system boot-up. Therefore, a dead CMOS battery can render a typical computer inoperable until it is fixed. Acer laptops, including the Acer 5610 work differently, and you can still use them when there are problems with the CMOS battery. But if you want to restore your system to full functionality, you can replace it yourself with little trouble.

Buy a replacement CMOS battery specifically designated as a match for an Acer 5610 laptop. You can do this online from almost any business selling replacement computer parts or you can visit a computer store in your area and ask for assistance from a salesperson.

Turn off the laptop and remove the primary battery. Hit the power button once to discharge any stored power.

Lay the laptop upside down on a flat, hard surface. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the eight small screws in the bottom panel. Set the screws aside somewhere safe. They are easy to lose, and you'll need them later.

Remove the bottom panel of the laptop then turn it right-side up. Open the lid and remove the top panel and keyboard.

Typical CMOS battery design

Locate the CMOS battery. It is plugged into the motherboard in an area near where the F1 to F12 keys are on the keyboard. The battery itself is flat, round and connected to the motherboard with a thin braided cord.

Carefully unplug the jack on the end of the CMOS battery cord from the motherboard. Set the old battery aside.

Put the new battery in the old battery's place and plug the end of its cord into the motherboard.

Replace the keyboard and top panel of the laptop. Make sure everything is aligned properly and snugly in place, then close the laptop's lid.

Flip the laptop over onto its lid and put the bottom panel back in place. Carefully replace all eight screws until they're all tight. Your CMOS battery has now been replaced successfully.

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