How to Dress Windows with Voile


Voile is a light, see-through fabric made of cotton or cotton blends. The word 'voile' is French, which means veil. Voile window dressing resembles flowing veils, which rise up and float gently from the slightest breeze.

Voile is available in nearly every colour and can be found in fabric stores, discount stores, department stores and online.

Measure your windows, and decide on the length of window dressing you want. Voile is a light fabric that won't overpower your room or your windows if it runs the length of your windows and touches the floor. Even so, you might decide on a length that ends just below the frame.

Visit a decorator fabric store, or shop online for the colour and texture of voile you want. Many online sources will send fabric swatches.

Choose the hardware. Voile is delicate, so a slim pewter rod with understated finials would be perfect. However, the overall colour theme and mood of your room is important, so choose accordingly. See "Additional Resources" below for window dressing hardware ideas.

Sew hems on the top, bottom and sides of your voile fabric if you're not using ready made ones. Make sure there is enough room in the top hem for your curtain rod.

Combine voile with heavier drapes, if you'd like. Use two sets of rods and hardware, with the voile on the inside nearest the window, and the heavier drapes on the outside. This allows you to draw your drapes back and leave them that way for most of the day, even into the early evening, since the voile lets in light but does provide some privacy.

Mix the colours and textures. Combine white with yellow, or blue with green, if it suits your decor Choose from a wide variety of embroidered voile fabrics. Swiss, Italian and African embroidered voile fabrics are breathtaking. Some of them may be suitable for window dressing.

Create a toile fabric valance, and hang a set of complementary voile curtains below it. See "Additional Resources" for making a valance.