How to obtain cell phone records


People need to access cell phone records for a variety of reasons. Sometimes an incoming call may not be recognised, unauthorised phone calls are being placed or a spouse is suspected of having an affair. Whatever the need, a phone record can easily be obtained through various sources.

The steps below explain to you several legal resources for obtaining cell phone records.

Contact your wireless carrier. Most wireless carriers will allow you to access your call records through an online account. These records can then be downloaded to your computer and printed for your personal use.

Order copies of your billing statements. Billing statements will show the quantity of minutes used, amount of text messages sent, and many companies will list your outgoing call history for that statement period. Billing statements, however, do not usually itemise incoming call information.

Obtain professional help. If the records you are trying to obtain are not your own, you may need to contact a private investigator. Private investigators are commonly used to recover cell records in relation to law suits, custody disputes and divorces. Private investigators are familiar with the laws governing phone records and will work within the law to obtain the records needed. Contact a private investigator in your area through a website like which allows you to search by type of investigation and zipcode. You can also look in your local phone directory under private investigator, or enter private investigator and your city into a search engine.

Use a reverse phone number look up database. If you are receiving offensive phone calls you can find a reverse phone number lookup database online (See Resources). Enter a phone number in their search field to gather information. Charges for this service will vary depending on how much information you desire and how many cell numbers you want to have searched. There are many companies online offering this service, but it is up to you to know the legality of the searches you are conducting.

Use a forensic evaluation. For phone records of a suspected cheating spouse, dishonest teenager or untrustworthy employee, you can perform a forensic evaluation on the phone which retrieves dialled and received calls as well as deleted information such as text messages and call logs. To do a forensic evaluation, the phone must be in your name. This is why forensics is a popular choice for spouses, employers and parents. Contact companies such as and to inquire about forensic evaluation services.