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How to start selling homemade soap

Updated April 17, 2017

Do you love to make handmade soap and want to start sharing it with others? Learn what you need to sell your soap, where to sell it, what should be listed on the labels and how to package it for the best sale appeal. Follow the steps listed below.

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  1. Apply for a business license. If your soap is all natural, containing no chemicals and preservatives, or is made using the old process of mixing lye and ash, you might call your company, "Old Fashioned Soapers" or "Clean & Natural Soap Company."

  2. Apply for a tax certificate. You are required to pay sales tax on every soap sale you make.

  3. Purchase business liability insurance. If someone has an allergy to your soap or, say, is burnt because of excess lye or chemicals, they may sue for medical costs.

  4. Label all your soap with every ingredient used, including fragrance and colour. The FDA only requires labelling on cosmetic items, but it is a good idea to let people know what they are using.

  5. Decoratively package your soaps using patterned paper or place each individual soap into a box. Perhaps you want to add a slotted soap dish or wash cloth. The more presentation appeal, the more likely a customer is going to buy your soap.

  6. Sell your homemade soap at local craft shows, flea markets or online. Websites like eBay and Etsy allow sellers to list their items without any upfront costs.

  7. Advertise your soap business in the newspaper and online at websites offering classified ads.

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