How to burn MP4 files to DVD

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Having movies and other video encoded in the MP4 file format can result in good quality video, but unfortunately, it generally has to be watched on a computer. Burning the video onto a DVD that will work in your home DVD player will make it much more convenient. While you could simply copy the data file onto the DVD, you'll end up with a disc that your DVD player most likely won't be able to read, as a number of DVD player models simply don't recognise the MP4 format. There is another way to do this, however, and the file will be converted to a usable format in the process so that the video can be viewed using any DVD player.

Launch your DVD authoring software, such as Nero Vision or Roxio Creator. When the program loads, begin a new project using the "Make DVD" option. Depending on the software, you may have the choice between "DVD Video," "DVD Data" and "Editable DVD"; choose the "DVD Video" option.

Select the "Add Video Files" option when the DVD authoring software asks you to choose a video source for the DVD. A menu will open up so that you can choose a file; browse to the location of the MP4 file that you wish to burn onto your disc. Choose the file that you want and click the "OK" button. Should you wish to add multiple files to the DVD, either repeat the process for each one or hold down the "Ctrl" button while you select each file. When you are finished, click the "Next" button.

Build your DVD menu on the menu screen of your DVD software. You should have the option to create multiple menu layers, adding unique backgrounds and text as you wish. Design the menu in the way that you want it to appear on the TV screen when you watch the DVD. Once you are finished, click the button that will take you to the preview screen.

Check to make sure that your menu looks the way that you want it. Once you are satisfied, make sure that you have a blank DVD disc in your DVD burner and click the button to start the burning process. When the burn is complete, the DVD will automatically eject and you will be able to watch the video on it.

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