How to make polyester resin paperweights

If you have an object that you want to preserve, such as a flower from your wedding bouquet or an old, fragile piece of jewellery, a great way to do this is to make a resin paperweight. Encasing the object in resin will result in a clear, glasslike paperweight with your object floating inside of it.

These are great, easy-to-make gift ideas for office colleagues or teachers. They can also make the perfect unique decorative touch to your office decor.

Chose objects to be displayed in your paperweight. It can be a charm, dried flowers, a small toy or any objects you chose.

Prepare the craft resin to the manufacturer's exact instructions. Some kinds of craft resin require being carefully mixed. Be sure to wear gloves when handling resin to protect your skin from exposure.

Make sure your mould is clean and dry. If your mould is not already sturdy, you will need to find something that will hold it upright and still, like placing it between two books.

Pour a small amount of resin into the mould. Press your object into the resin, upside down, just enough to anchor it into place. Fill the mould the rest of the way with resin.

Allow the resin to set long enough to be firm but not to completely harden. You will notice that as it dries, a small divot is created in the top centre of the mould. Fill the mould the rest of the way with resin and allow it to dry for the full recommendation of the manufacturer. This could be a few hours to a few days, depending on the type of resin used.

Pop the paperweight out of the mould. Use fine sandpaper to remove any areas that keep the paperweight from sitting level on your desk. You have now created your paperweight.