How to Use Dr Scholl's Freeze Away

Warts can be a costly thing to take care of through a doctor; if multiple treatments are necessary, the bill could cost hundreds of dollars. Untreated, warts are often an embarrassing affliction that could last up to two years.

Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away wart remover is an at-home alternative to visiting your doctor. The method used uses the same principles that were once only permitted for doctor use (i.e., killing the wart tissue by freezing it). At a fraction of the cost of a doctor visit Dr. Scholl's is worth giving a try.

Attach the white applicator to the nozzle on the blue can by turning it clockwise. This locks it in place.

Turn the can upside down and insert the white applicator into the blue applicator.
Align the three slots on the can with the three slots on the applicator.

Press down for 3 seconds. A hissing noise will sound as the white applicator tip is being frozen. You will see some frozen condensation. This is normal.

Apply the product to the wart immediately with the white applicator. Press and hold down lightly, making sure to treat entire the wart and not just the center. Let 2 minutes pass.

Remove the applicator by turning it counter clockwise; discard it. Allow 24 hours to pass.

Wash the wart and dry it well.

Apply one drop of the Dr. Scholl's Dual Action Freeze Away Fast-Acting Liquid. Allow it to dry.

Apply liquid twice per day for two weeks. You may use a wart bandage in between liquid applications.

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