How to Remove Grease Stains From Suede Boots

Grease stains are sometimes quite stubborn and hard to remove from suede and other materials. Removing grease stains from suede boots and shoes can be especially difficult because the irregular shape of the footwear may be harder to clean than a flat garment. It may take some trial and error to remove grease stains from suede boots, but in many cases, it can be done.

Rub cornstarch or talcum powder into the grease stain on your boot. Cover the entire stain with a generous layer of the powder.

Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the cornstarch or powder to become completely absorbed by the oily stain.

Use a clean, soft toothbrush or a dry washcloth to remove the cornstarch from the treated area of your boot. Work slowly and gently to avoid damaging the suede.

Apply more cornstarch if the stain has not disappeared. Larger or heavier grease stains may require several treatments before the stain is successfully lifted.

Put a dry paper towel on top of the treated stain and press a clothes iron over the area. Use the steam function to create some moisture, as that may make it easier to remove the grease stain.

Dab a citrus oil solvent on the soiled area of your suede boot if your stain remains. Citrus oil solvents are commonly used to clean paintbrushes and are available at your local hardware or home improvement store. Again cover the stain with a paper towel and run a steam iron over it.

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