Start Your Own Motorcycle Business

Rachel Poole,

Motorcycles are an economical way to commute to work. They also provide a way to spend an enjoyable weekend, taking rides on scenic roads and byways. More people are choosing to ride motorcycles, either for economic reasons or because they enjoy the activity. Some of these people are buying well maintained used motorcycles instead of going into debt for new ones. This creates the need for more used motorcycle businesses. Starting a small used motorcycle business can eventually produce a very good income, so long as the owner is knowledgeable in motorcycle repair, and has a good business sense.

Take a motorcycle repair class. Just being able to repair motorcycles in the garage is not enough for a business. A hands on, self taught mechanic can be very good, but having a certificate from a school will make you appear more professional. Learn from a local college or even take online classes.

Start purchasing reasonably priced used motorcycles. Work on them in your spare time. Repair the fixable ones, and strip the other ones to build a used parts inventory. Once you get several motorcycles ready for sale, it’s time to decide where you will sale them.

Find a location. Renting a building in the business district might be expensive. The municipality may have ordinances against your type of business due to EPA regulations or noise concerns. Check with City Hall to make sure you can have this type business where you want it, before you apply for a business license. You will have to apply for a tax identification number to get a business license. Your county clerk will help with this procedure and will place a notice in the paper, disclosing the name of the business and who owns it.

Check the local codes and zonings before deciding to build your motorcycle business on your residential property. Zoning may not allow that type of home based business. You may be able to apply for a zoning variance, but be committed to attend several hearings. EPA regulations and requirements may take some time to comply with, but if you are serious about this business, you will have to take the necessary steps before you can get a business license.

Open your motorcycle business with the small amount of used motorcycles you have acquired, repaired and polished up. Advertise an open house celebration for your first day of business. Place flyers in businesses that you know are frequented by motorcycle riders. Invite everyone you know to attend the open house.

Be prepared to answer questions and show your knowledge when people arrive at the open house celebration. Offer good deals on the motorcycles you have for sale. Have the prices for repairs, service and maintenance displayed. Offer a grand opening discount to customers who schedule their repairs immediately.

Follow up by doing repairs efficiently and quickly. This will build respect among fellow motorcyclists. Give them quality repairs, a reasonable price and a fast turn around time, and your business will grow quickly.

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