How to make an origami nurses cap

Anna Roberts

For a fun fancy dress costume, the nurse's uniform is easy to put together. Nurses no longer wear the recognisable white dress and cap, but the traditional outfit is still a popular costume. You can make your own origami nurse's cap in just a few minutes with some inexpensive supplies.Wear it proudly to all your fancy dress festivities. Making your own costume is fun, and it saves you money.

Fold the top 1/3 of the sheet of paper down. This forms a brim.

Cut at a 45-degree angle from the bottom corners of the paper. Cut towards the centre of the page, leaving an inch or two between the ends of the cuts.

Place the paper with the brim face down on the table.

Bring down the two outer triangles that were formed. Bend the central triangle over both of them to form the cap.

Secure the three layers in the back together with a stud or a piece of tape.

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