How to Remove the Window Winder Handle in a Vauxhall

Vauxhall cars, like all other car models made by General Motors, come with specially fitted window winder handles. These handles are quite difficult to remove. There are special clips used on the winder handles, which have to be removed using specialised clip removers. There is an extremely thin horseshoe-shaped clip behind the winder handle in Vauxhall car models. One screwdriver can be used to lightly lever the winder away from the window's panel and then a thinner screw can be used to unhook the clip. All these procedures should be done carefully to avoid scratching the window surface.

It is important to ensure that the selected tools (screwdrivers, clip removers and window cards) have specifications that are in line with those of the screws and clips on the window winder. This can be determined by assessing the properties of the toolkit against the specifications on the window winder.

Press the Vauxhall's door trim card very tightly around the winder area. This causes a small horseshoe-shaped wire clip, which is usually hidden, to be exposed. Flick away the exposed wire clip using a small screwdriver. The wire clip holds the handle to the spindle of the window winder.

Flick the clip that holds the washer off from behind the winding handle. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the screws that hold the washer on to the panel of the window. Ensure that you use the correct size of screwdriver to avoid damaging the screw head.

Push the door panel away from the window winder and turn the winder so that a spring clip appears.

Pull the clip as well as the handle on the up side so that the handle pulls the shaft. This varies with the door lock and it could be different depending on the specifications of the manufacturer.

Use a screw driver to access the winder handle and remove the screw. Using the Window Winder Clip Removal Tool 52580 Draper WWT, remove the spring clips such that that window winder remains hanging, ready for removal. Pull out the winder handle and handle it with care.

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