How to Install a Pre-Formed Pond

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Making a pond is very easy nowadays. Most flexible liners are strong and long-lasting but are sometimes difficult to install. Pre-formed pools are a simple solution and about as near as you can get to buying a pond straight off the shelf.

Pre-formed ponds are made of durable materials already fashioned into interesting shapes and often with plant ledges already installed. Simple pick one up at your local garden centre and follow these steps to install your own preformed pond.

Purchase the preformed pond offline or from a garden centre. Clear and rake the pond site. Place the pond on the cleared site.

Outline the shape of your pool on the ground by inserting stakes around the outside of the pond. Use a garden hose or rope to define the shape.

Remove the pond and excavate the shape of the pond. Clear the hole any sharp stones or roots as you dig. Try to dig straight down instead of sloping the sides. Since the you are using a preformed pond the entire structure will be altered by a slope or plant shelf bracing against the side of the hole.

Check that it is pond is sitting level in the ground by using with a spirit-level. Place the spirit level in the bottom of the pond to check and see if the pond is level. If necessary, place a length of wood across the pond and place the on it to check if the pond is level.

Pack the sand in the bottom of the pond and around the edges of the pond firmly. Line the bottom of the hole with a thin layer of builder's sand.

Put the pond back into the site. Put a thin layer of rinsed rocks along the bottom if you intend to grow plants or add fish. Once the pond is in the hole, just add or take away soil if so that is fits tightly. Use the level to make sure the pond stays level.

Fill the pond water in from a hose. Once the pond is full then again pack soil is firm around the pond. Be careful not to spill too much sand in the pond. A little soil is good but if the soil contains too much clay it will remain cloudy.

Landscape the pond's edges. Use rocks or plants to disguise the ponds man made nature if you desire or outline the site with pavers and install a fountain to accent the ponds as an architectural feature.