How to Build Furniture With PVC Pipe


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a lightweight material that is sturdy. Therefore, it is but fitting to use this material for furniture, most especially, furniture for kids. PVC pipes come in different sizes. One can make a table using a piece of plywood and PVC pipes for legs. Read on to learn the steps necessary to complete this project.

Measure the size of the table. For a kid size activity or drawing table, 2 by 4 feet will do.


Transfer the measurement to the 1/2-inch thick plywood and then make the cut using a table saw. Set it aside.

PVC Furniture Pipes

Cut the 2-inch PVC pipes using a hacksaw. Cut 12 pieces about 2-feet in length each. These will become the legs. By cutting six pieces instead of only four pieces, you will make the table more stable.

3-Way PVC Connector

Connect all the pipes together to build the table frame. Use four pieces of 3-way PVC connector, two on each corner. Use a small rubber mallet to push each pipe into the connector opening. Make sure to leave the third connector on each 3-way connector facing down for the legs.

4-Way PVC Connector

Use two pieces of 4-way PVC connector to connect the middle part. Make sure to leave the forth connector on each 4-way connector facing down for the legs.

Table Top Frame

Examine the tabletop frame and ensure they are tight. Apply glue to ensure that they stay put.

Connect Legs to the Table Top Frame

Connect the six legs on each of the connector openings facing down. Use a small rubber mallet to drive each pipe to each connector opening. Ensure that they are tight, and add glue to keep them from dislodging.

Lay down the plywood flat on the floor. Then put the tabletop frame on top of it with the legs sticking up.

Connect the frame to the frame by using steel straps (the kind you use to brace water heaters). Screw on tightly using 1/2-inch screws. Screw two on top of each connector to create an "X." This will secure the frame onto the plywood.

Turn the table right side up. Use a medium grit sand paper to remove splinters and to smooth the rough edges.

Wipe the dust away with a tack cloth.

Paint the table with primer paint and then with a finishing colour of choice. Allow to dry overnight before using.

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