How to Replace a Power Mirror in a Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V makes it simple to replace a power mirror. Most vehicles require a complete door panel removal, but the CR-V has a separate mirror panel that saves time when replacing an old or broken mirror. The CR-V's mirror replacement is the same for all model years.

Lower the side window of your CR-V all the way down, then disconnect the negative battery cable.

Unsnap the triangle mirror panel inside the door by prying it off with your hands.

Remove the bolts that hold the mirror in place using a screwdriver and wrench.

Unplug the electric connector to the mirror. Take the mirror completely out of the assembly.

Place the new Honda CR-V mirror into place. Attach the mounting bolts that holds it to the door.

Re-connect the power wire by snapping the new connector into the power source.

Put the interior mirror cover (the triangle piece) into place by pushing it back in until it snaps.

Connect the negative battery cable as your last step. Test the mirror to make sure it works.

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