How to Replace the Starter in a Ford Focus

A starter cranks the engine, drawing air and fuel into the cylinders of your Ford Focus and compressing them so they will ignite. It also gets the ignition and crankshaft into place so the spark plugs will fire and the fuel injectors will operate. Therefore, a failing starter will prevent the engine from starting. Follow these steps to replace the starter in a 2000-2005 Ford Focus with a 2.0L (VIN P) engine.

Park your Ford Focus on a level surface and place blocks behind the back tires for safety. Raise the front end of the car with a jack for easy access to the starter motor. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminal with a terminal puller. Also, separate and remove the air cleaner outlet tube from the throttle body.

Detach the two bolts on top of the starter and place them in the jar or another location where you won't lose them.

Locate the solenoid and disconnect the S terminal wire and B terminal nut and cable. To locate these terminals, refer to your owner's manual. Download your free owner's manual from Ford Fleet.

Remove the lower bolt on the starter. The starter should easily remove from the engine.

Take your malfunctioning starter to the parts store with you. Aftermarket distributors remanufacture most of the starters they sell, so you can likely obtain a partial credit toward your new starter by exchanging your old one. Be sure that you take care not to damage the starter in transit, because the better condition it is in, the more you can get for it.

Purchase a replacement starter that has the same or higher cranking capacity (power rating) as the original starter in your Ford Focus. Also, match the bolt patterns, drive gears and electrical connections. Your owner's manual may list specifications or the auto parts technician will help you determine them.

Attach the new starter beginning with just the lower mounting bolt. Torque the bolt between 18 to 20 foot pounds (25 to 27 Nm).

Reconnect the S terminal wire and B terminal cable and nut to the solenoid. Tighten the nut between 80 to120 inch pounds (9 to13.5 Nm).

Tighten the top bolts on the starter between 18 to 20 foot pounds. Reattach the air cleaner outlet tube and negative battery cable. Start your Ford Focus.

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