How to Sell a Car to a Garage Quickly

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When you need to sell a car fast, knowing how to sell a car to a garage quickly can help. There are many garages that buy cars and fix them up to sell to customers looking for a car that is reliable. The garages have the tools and the time to go over the cars and make sure that they are dependable and worthy of selling to customers. In most cases, selling a car to garage will net you more money than if, you were to sell the car to a dealer for a trade in or if you were to sell the car outright yourself. You can also give the cars to a garage on consignment or have a garage take your car to an auction to sell.

Clean the car up as much as you can before talking to any garages. Although they will go over the car, make the car presentable to them for a sale. This includes cleaning the interior and the exterior. The garage will take care of the mechanicals of the car before they put it up for sale.

Stop at a garage that has cars for sale on the property. These are garages that normally buy cars and turn them around real quickly. For the most part, garages that have high traffic areas are the ones that buy privately owned vehicles to sell. Many of these garages buy cars from an auction to sell on their lots, but do also buy cars from private parties.

Look for garages that take your car and do the selling for you. These garages sell cars on consignment. They place the car on their lot and invite buyers to look and test-drive the car. They have a signed contract with you for selling the car. They do take a commission for cars they sell. All you do is sign a contract and they do all the work.

Talk to garages that take cars to auctions to sell. Many times these dealers will take your car to an auction to sell. This is a fast way to sell a car. Car auctions are done in many states and there are dealers that do this type of selling every other month. You can usually get the asking price for your car at an auction.

Talk to a dealer nearby for information on garages that buy cars. Many times dealers such as Chevrolet or Ford work closely with garages to sell cars that they take as take-ins. Keep in mind that car dealers do not offer you the most money for a used car. If you want to sell the car outright yourself, you will make hundreds if not thousands of pounds more.

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