How to install pavers over existing concrete

If you're tired of your boring concrete slab and want to install pavers instead, you don't have to rip up your concrete. That can be very costly, but it's not even necessary. It's very simple to install pavers over your existing concrete to save you time, money and frustration.

Sweep all dirt and debris from the concrete slab. You don't want any dirt sealed in the mortar.

Start at an inside edge; for example, if you're doing this project to your back patio, start up against the house. Butt the pavers up against the building. If this isn't possible (if you're doing a walkway or driveway), spread a thin layer of mortar in the corner you start in, then put the pavers into the mortar and let that set before you start on the rest of the project.

Add more pavers, pushing them up against each other. No adhesive is necessary since you're packing the pavers tightly. Work from one end to the other to ensure a tight fit for all the pavers.

Spread another thin layer of mortar when you get to the end. Place the last row of pavers into the mortar and push them against the other pavers.

Remove any excess mortar with your trowel. Let the mortar set for 24 hours before walking on the pavers.

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