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How to Politely Wear a Kilt When Sitting

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're of Scottish heritage--or even if you're not--you might at some time get the opportunity to wear a kilt. Although there are different styles of kilts, one thing they all have in common is that they make a man look great. Women love a man in a kilt, no matter what the occasion. For a kilt to be worn properly, it's generally agreed that the wearer needs to avoid having anything on beneath it. However, people unaccustomed to kilt-wearing often choose to wear underwear anyway. Regardless, putting a man in a skirt can lead to some awkward social situations. Whether you're wearing your skivvies or going commando, how, exactly, does one sit politely when wearing a kilt? These steps will help you to learn how to politely wear a kilt when sitting.

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  1. For starters, be sure to tuck the back folds of the kilt underneath your rear when you sit. It's not really hygienic to place your bare rear where someone else may be sitting later. Even if you're wearing underwear, tuck the kilt beneath you.

  2. Watch your knees. While it may be really comfortable to sit with your knees pointed out and wide apart, in a kilt it can be a disaster. Unless you want to show the whole world your naughty bits, keep your knees close together. Crossing your ankles can be a helpful reminder to keep your knees together.

  3. Be sure your kilt is long enough. A kilt that hangs to the bottom of the knees should be able to cover up all the important parts no matter whether you're sitting or standing. If your kilt is above your knees when you're in a standing position, there's a good chance it won't provide adequate coverage when you sit.

  4. Each time you sit down, do a quick "front check." Casually put your hand on top of the front folds of the kilt as you sit to help keep it from riding up as you sit. This will keep things in place and properly covered.

  5. Tip

    If you have to bend down to pick something up, bend at the knees, keeping them close together, rather then bending over at the waist. This will keep you from accidentally flashing people standing behind you.


    If it's a windy day, you may want to put a kilt pin on, which will add a bit of weight to the kilt and prevent if from blowing around as much.

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Things You'll Need

  • A kilt
  • Underwear (optional)

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