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How to make your own mouth gags

Updated March 23, 2017

Making your own mouth gags can be an inexpensive and fun project to do with your willing partner. Instead of spending large amounts of money on store-bought gags, you can follow steps to make your own. You can find these supplies in most retail stores, or even around your own home.

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  1. Buy a long handkerchief from any retail store, or use one that you have in your home. Make one or two knots in the middle of the handkerchief. Put the knot into your partner’s mouth, and tie the handkerchief around their head.

  2. Core a small apple. Run a small length of rope, clothesline or even yarn through the middle of the apple. Have your partner open their mouth, insert the apple halfway, and have them bite down. Tie the length of rope, etc., around their head.

  3. Apply masking tape or duct tape loosely to your partner’s mouth. This technique will firmly gag them. Make sure that you very carefully remove this type of mouth gag, so as not to tear the skin.

  4. Use any variety of clothing, such as a long sock, tie or scarf, to tie around your partners head and into their mouth. You can even make a mouth gag by stuffing these items loosely into their mouth, so that it can be quickly removed.

  5. Buy a small to medium sized rubber ball in the children’s section of any store. Make sure it is big enough that it cannot be swallowed. Using a large needle, scissors or knife, poke a hole through the middle of it. Insert rope, clothesline or yarn through the hole to make your own mouth gag.

  6. A belt can be easily used as a mouth gag by wrapping it around your partners head and into their mouth, buckling it behind their head.

  7. Warning

    Always make sure your partner can breathe. Always discuss the use of mouth gags with your partner before use.

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Things You'll Need

  • Rope, yarn, or clothesline

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