How to Make a Blackhead Gun

Blemishes make everyone self-conscious, and thinking about one in a prominent position can really ruin your day. If you'd rather not spend the money on a blackhead remover gun, you can make one for yourself at home and save yourself that expense as well as the embarrassment of an ugly blemish on your complexion.

Remove the cap and back end of your ballpoint pen. The back end might be too stubborn to pull on with your fingers or nails, so you might need to bite around the edges until it loosens and comes off the main part of the pen. Don't worry about breaking the outer casing of the pen that holds the cylinder with the ink in it.

Poke at the cylinder with the ink in it with the safety pin from the back end of the pen casing until it pops out of the front. Set the casing aside.

Spread out a newspaper next to your sink and lay the cylinder with the ink in it on its side. Cut off the end by the ball immediately below the pen's tip and quickly hold the cylinder over the sink so the ink drains into it rather than making a mess.

Wash the cylinder with extremely hot water. Don't run it through the dishwasher or boil it, because this might melt your new blackhead remover gun.

Place the cylinder that held the ink over a blackhead and poke gently at it. Push your finger down over the other end. Repeat this process until the blackhead pops up. Wipe it off and repeat with the next blackhead. Continue until your face is free of blackheads, wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser and follow your daily routine. Wash your blackhead remover gun with dish soap and hot water.

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