How to be a chav

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The word "chav" started as primarily a British term and refers to young male who dresses and acts a certain way. To be a chav, you must display a fascination with Burberry clothing and fake gold jewelry. A chavette is the female version of a chav. Most chavs and chavettes have opted out of a secondary-school education.

Wear a lot of gold, preferably fake gold, jewelry. Chavettes must wear very large gold hoop earrings. Chavs' jewelry can be rings, necklaces and studs.

Get a baseball cap and wear it at all times. Bright colors like blue or orange are better and more chav. This is your status symbol; make it count.

Purchase only designer clothing. Chavs have a bent for Burberry. It might not be economically feasible to buy a large wardrobe all at once, so start out small and build your chav wardrobe piece by piece. Chavettes should focus on getting an assortment of very short skirts and stillettos.

Sport a few tracksuits in your wardrobe. Chavs wear a lot of athletic gear with their baseball caps and bling.

Drop out of school with the idea of finishing some other time. You can get your GCSEs when you're ready to focus on studying. Many successful people in various industries opted out of finishing their secondary school education upon finding that life experience had more to offer them.

Desire to have children early in life and stay at home with them rather than taking a full-time job. Most chavs and chavettes produce offspring early in life during their most fertile years. The state may offer you money for taking care of your children so you don't have to seek employment.

Hang out with other chavs and chavettes at the local shopping centre. You need to do this regularly and make it your favourite pastime.

Show that you're ultra-discriminating about who you socialise with. If non-chavs approach you, make sure to let them know they aren't welcome and need to back off. Be concerned with maintaining your clique and culture.

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