How to remove fertilizer orange stains on concrete

Does your concrete have an ugly orange stain on it from your bag of fertiliser? That orange stain on your concrete is indicative of the rust that is contained in many fertilisers. There are many ways you can remove the stain. This article will show you how to remove fertiliser orange stains on concrete.

Decide if you want to use a dry method or a wet method. Dry methods include scouring, grinding, or sandblasting away the stain. These methods will also remove a portion of the concrete, so most people choose to use a wet method. For this article, we will focus on a wet method. Wet methods use chemicals to remove the stain.

Choose a chemical. Orange fertiliser stains are rust stains, so you will need a rust remover. Many home improvement stores sell rust removers specifically for concrete. A well known remover is Singerman Concrete Rust Remover, which will not harm trees or grasses.

Prepare the rust remover. Mix the powder with water according to the instructions that coincide with the size of the area you need to clean. The powder and water will form a gel.

Spread the gel over the entire stain and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Wash the gel away and your stain should be gone.