How to Renew a Brazilian Passport

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For the U.S. citizen travelling to Brazil a U.S. passport is required for short-term stays and a visa for longer-term visits. A Brazilian citizen travelling either abroad or back to Brazil will need a current Brazilian passport. Renewing yours doesn't have to be hard, and can be as easy as visiting or contacting the Brazilian Consular office nearest you.

Go to the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate nearest you. You can find a list of Brazilian Consulates on the website for the Brazilian Consulate in Washington, D.C.

Complete two copies of the passport application form. This form is available online or from the Brazilian Consulate if there's one in your city.

Bring three identical 2-by-3 inch passport photos. These photos can be in colour or black and white and must be taken against a light coloured background. They also must show the entire face in a front facing pose and have been taken in the past three months.

Show proof of Brazilian citizenship. Include your previous passport, which will be returned after being cancelled. Other acceptable documents are a Brazilian ID, birth certificate, marriage certificate or a military service/discharge certificate for men.

Provide an original certifying document or a copy notarised by a Brazilian Consular office whenever there has been a change of name or civil status.

Present a certificate of compliance to the military service duties for men ages 18 to 45. Military registration certificates, reservist cards and discharge certificates are all acceptable proof of compliance.

Pay the applicable passport renewal fee. Different consular offices accept varying methods of payment. Call ahead to make sure your payment can be accepted.

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