How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse consultant is a nurse who has expertise in the nursing field. They help assist in matters that are medical related. Being a legal nurse consultant is a good way to expand your knowledge between medical and judicial litigations.

Have nursing experience. Not only should you already be a registered nurse, but you must have at least three years of nursing experience to become a legal nurse consultant. You will take a one to two semester certificate program . In these programs, nurses learn legal terminology, civil litigation, health care management risk, medical records review and other pertinent information regarding legal nursing.

Take effective speaking classes. Legal nurse consultants are sometimes expert witnesses in legal cases and will have to take the stand. Having excellent communication will help you to speak articulately and sound more believable. Effective speaking classes will help you with strategies or remaining calm and not becoming flustered when on the witness box.

Decide which area of legal nurse consulting you want to do. You can work in for insurance companies, law enforcement, as a forensic nurse or even as a home nursing consultant. Each area of legal nurse consultants have important aspects to learn and consider. Knowing which area you want to be involved in will greatly help you to succeed in your field.

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