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How to watch every NHL game free online

Updated March 21, 2017

Subscribing to NHL viewing packages isn't cheap--these services can cost a hockey fan several hundred dollars per season. Many people, however, have found ways around this by watching every NHL game online for free.

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  1. Ask your friends if they have online subscriptions to the NHL. Several services let viewers watch hockey games for a flat fee, and many of these programs don't limit the number of computers that can watch games simultaneously. So if your friends are feeling generous and if you get their permission, you can watch NHL action free.

  2. Search the internet for generous souls if your friends aren't subscribed or aren't willing to give you their information. It takes some work, but you can find people out there--often, they post on blogs--who are willing to share their subscriber information at no charge.

  3. Enter the correct login name and password once you've acquired one from a friend or an online source. Assuming no one has changed the information since it was given to you, you should have to enter this only at the main page. Then you can freely search the site.

  4. Choose the game you want to watch. Most hockey websites make navigation easy. You should be able to simply click on an icon or a screen shot to bring up the game of your choice, depending on what games are being played live and on that system's archives of old games.

  5. Enlarge the shot to fill up your entire screen so it will be similar to watching the game on a television.

  6. Tip

    If you can't find someone who'll let you use his account information, consider organising your own group of hockey fans to pool money and subscribe together.

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