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How to Read Your Palm

Updated April 17, 2017

Have you ever wondered what your palm says about you? Each of the lines on your palm represents different areas of your life and they each tell a story or contain secrets about you as a person. You can read your own palm, often called palmistry or chiromancy, and then impress your friends by reading theirs. Palm reading can be entertaining and enjoyable and it can reveal something about you that you never knew. The key to a successful palm reading is reading all of the lines together to get a true reading of your life.

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  1. Identify the three major lines on your palm. These include the heart line, the head line and the life line. Begin by looking at your hand to see where the lines fall.

  2. Look for the heart line, which starts on the left side of your hand and curves upward toward your index finger. The heart line depicts your emotions and anything related to love. If this line starts right below your index finger, then you are satisfied with your love life. If the line starts directly below the middle finger, this means that you have a materialistic and selfish view of love. If the line begins between the middle and index fingers, this means that you fall in love too easily. A straight and short line indicates a lack of interest in romance as well as a high sex drive. A line pointing downward and touching your life line means that it is easy for your heart to get broken. A long, curvy line means that you freely express emotions. A line that is parallel (to the head line) and straight means that you have a good handle on your emotions.

  3. Identify the head line, which starts on the right side of the hand and ends parallel with your ring finger. The head line depicts your intellect and includes your mental status (i.e., any mental problems) plus dealing with how you think. A curved live means that you are creative and a short line means that you lean toward physical achievements rather than mental achievements. If your life line is separated from your head line, this means that you are adventurous and enthusiastic about life. A wavy line indicates a lack of deep thinking and a short attention span. A deep, long, horizontal line indicates focused and clear thinking. A straight line indicates realistic thinking.

  4. Seek out the life line, which start on the right side of your hand near the edge and will end close the wrist. This line is also referred to as the vital line. The life line shows what kind of life you will have, how long your life will be and what the quality of your life will be like. A life line close to your thumb indicates chronic fatigue while a curvy line indicates a lot of energy. A long, deep life line indicates a vital, healthy life. A short and shallow line means that your life is controlled by others. A straight line close to the end of the palm means that you hold yourself back from relationships and are very cautious. A line that forms a half-circle indicates passion and strength. More than one life line indicates a positive force or vitality around you.

  5. Tip

    Usually the woman's left hand is read and the man's right hand is read. These hands usually offer the better, clearer lines and are considered the dominant hands. Your palm lines will change as you go through life so you may want to read your palm every few years to see if anything has changed. This is just a starting point and discusses the three main or major lines, which are easy to locate on your hand. There are many more in-depth lines that professional palm readers will tell you about.


    Palm reading is just for fun. There is actually no scientific evidence that the information gained from reading your palm is truly linked to your life. True palm readers study for years and practice constantly.

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