How to Make Paper Snowflake Chains

Paper snowflake chains are a sweet and inexpensive decoration that lend a festive touch to the niches of your home during the holidays. Enlist your kids to help with the craft and customize the chains to be as long, complex and glitzy as you'd like.

Select a piece of plain paper, colorful cardstock or wrapping paper to create snowflakes. For an extra festive look, use sheer vellum, metallic paper or embossed cardstock. You can even color paper with markers, crayons or colored pencils.

Crease the sheet of paper in half the long way and cut it down the middle to create two strips. Attach these strips with tape to generate an even longer strip.

Use a ruler and pencil to make light tic marks an inch apart across the length of the paper. Fold the strip accordion style, back and forth at every pencil mark. Crease the edges to make them easier to cut.

Position the stack so the folded edge of the top layer sits on the left. Use a pencil to trace half a snowflake along the other side. The design should reach the folded side as well, but leave enough of the edges in tact so that the chain doesn't fall apart.

Trim the chain with sharp scissors. Unfold the paper carefully. If the snowflakes need more detail, simply refold the paper and add a few more cuts.

Decorate the snowflake chains by making designs with thin lines of liquid glue and covering them with glitter, tiny sequins or microbeads.

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