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How to Become a Contestant on Deal or No Deal

Updated April 17, 2017

"Deal or No Deal," NBC's hit game show, has created fans around the world with its briefcase-toting models and million-dollar prizes. Is "Deal or No Deal" your favourite show? Do you watch it religiously week after week? Why not apply to be a contestant on the show? These steps could help put you on centre stage. Get ready to pick that million-dollar case!

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  1. Check the website regularly for information about open casting calls in your area. This is the easiest way to show "Deal or No Deal" producers why you should be on the show. When you arrive to the open call, be prepared to share something with the producers that shows why you are unique and also why you need £0.6 million. Be energetic and wow them with your personality.

  2. If you can’t attend an open call, or you miss it, send in a video. Producers are looking for enthusiastic contestants and big personalities. Get a friend to shoot the video for you, and make it interesting. If you have a unique job or live in an odd place, show that in the video. The videotape should be no longer than 5 minutes (no DVDs accepted) and should be a video of you along with the supporters you would bring with you on the show. Start by stating your name and your hometown. Then talk about the most interesting stories or aspects of your life. Let them know why you are the MOST deserving person to be a contestant on the show and to win a million dollars. This is your chance to show why you stand out from the crowd.

  3. If you don't have editing software, take your tape to a video editing company that transfers mini dv tapes to VHS. Once you have your audition tape on VHS, label it with your name, address and phone number. Make sure that your video is audible before you send it off.

  4. Fill out an application and make your answers interesting. These are available online.

  5. Put two recent photos of yourself and your supporters—one close-up and one full-body photo of each person--in the envelope with your video. Label each photo with your name and phone number on the back.

  6. Send it to: Deal or No Deal Casting, P.O. Box 1916, Culver City, California, 90232.

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Things You'll Need

  • Video camera and tape

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