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How to Display a Zippo Lighter Collection

People collect all kinds of things from coins and stamps to miniature cars and Zippo lighters. Part of the fun of any collection is sharing it with other interested collectors. Share your collection with family and friends online and off. Display your Zippo lighters and protect them from loss and damage.

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  1. Buy a display case for your zippo lighter collection from Grandpajon's Woodshop or another online store. Display cases made for Zippo lighters feature plexiglass doors and wood shelving.

  2. Browse furniture stores and knick-knack shops for curio cabinets to display your Zippo lighter collection. Curio cabinets come in different materials such as wood, wicker, plastic and metal. Search for the type that will look best in your home.

  3. Build your own Zippo display case with materials you buy from any home improvement store or hobby shop. This will cost less than one you have to purchase. Also, many craft stores offer kits for easy assembly.

  4. Take pictures of your Zippo lighter collection and display them online at your own website. Invite your family and friends to view them anytime online.

  5. Join or form an online group of Zippo collector enthusiasts. You can form your own group at groups or join one already there. Display your Zippo lighter collection to your new friends and share stories about how you started your collection.

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