How to get pictures off a phone and on a computer

Almost everywhere you look these days, people have their cell phones on the ready. Most cell phones are a lot more than just a phone. A phone can be a directory of frequently called numbers, calendar, Internet terminal, gaming machine and even a camera. Here's how to get those pictures from your cell phone to your computer.

Open your cell phone's gallery of pictures.

Select the picture you would like to send to your computer.

Click on the picture. Next hit the send button. Doing this will bring up an edit text screen. If you'd like to send text along with your picture, fill in the appropriate text box.

Hit "Send." Your phone will prompt you to enter an address to which you would like to send the picture. Type in your e-mail address.

Press the "Menu" button. A menu screen will come up with the option to send the picture from your phone to the computer. Select the send option.

Allow a few minutes, and then check your e-mail on the computer. The picture should be in your inbox.

Insert the one end of the USB cable into your phone and the other end into the computer port.

Wait for the prompt from your computer to download the picture.

Select the picture to download, and then begin the downloading process by following your computer prompts.

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