How to measure bra size

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Finding the right bra means purchasing a bra that is both comfortable and supportive. According to “Body Drama” by Nancy Amanda Redd, measuring your bra size means matching your chest size to your breast size. Both of these sizes produce different measurements that you must compare and combine in order to determine your overall bra size. Once you learn how to measure for a bra, you can shop for bras that fit your body type.

Hold one end of your flexible tape measure directly above your breasts.

Wrap the other end of the tape measure under your armpits and around your back. The two ends of the tape measure should meet above your breasts.

Examine the tape measure to see the measurement of your chest size.

Remove the tape measure and place one end of it on top of one of your nipples.

Wrap the tape measure under your nearest armpit, behind your back, under your other armpit and across the centre of your breasts until the two ends of the tape measure meet.

Examine the tape measure to view the measurement of your breast size.

Compare the chest size and the breast size measurements to determine your cup size. If the two measurements are the same, you need an AA cup bra. If the breast size is 1 inch bigger than the chest size, you need an A cup bra. A breast size 2 inches bigger than a chest size necessitates a B cup bra, while a breast size 3 inches bigger means you will need a C cup bra. A D cup is when your breast size measures 4 inches bigger than your chest size.

Combine your chest size and your cup size to determine your overall bra size. For example, if your chest measures 36 inches and your breasts are an A cup size, you should wear a 36A bra.

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