How to Neutralize Chlorine in Bathing Suits

Chlorine smells. It is rumored to turn dyed hair green. It is known to wreak havoc on a favorite swimsuit. While this strong chemical is essential in the pool for the sake of hygiene, it poses a far from friendly environment for bathing suits. To keep a suit in good condition and extends its life, it is necessary to neutralize the effects of residual chlorine.

Rinse your bathing suit with cool water immediately after swimming in a chlorinated pool to help neutralize the effects of the pool chemicals. Don't just hop in the shower while wearing your swimsuit. Remove your suit and run it under cool tap water for a few minutes to get out as much chlorine as you can before washing it.

Soak your bathing suit in a sink of very cool water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Vinegar is a good general neutralizer. Don't worry about the smell. You can remove the vinegar scent when you wash your suit.

Purchase a bottle of Chlor-Out if you are a frequent pool swimmer. This product added to a sink full of cool water will neutralize the chlorine that remains in your suit following swimming. This is a product used in aquariums, but many swimmers swear by its effectiveness in getting chlorine out of bathing suits and claim it is gentle to the fabric.

Shower between your swimming sessions. Don't get out of the pool and sit on a lounge chair before you take the time to rinse off the chlorine. You should ideally remove your suit in the locker room, rinse it well for several minutes in cool water and then put on your swimsuit again.

Invest in a swimsuit that is made to be chlorine resistant. Always check the label, where information will be given as to whether the suit is made of chlorine-resistant material.

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