How to report suspected pedophile activity

A pedophile is someone who takes a sexual interest in children. Illegal pedophile activities include possessing or viewing any sexually explicit material featuring minors, improper sexual contact with minors even if the contact isn't physical or any other behavior that sexually exploits a child.

Suspected pedophiles should be immediately reported to the proper authorities.

Gather evidence. Note the time and date of the illegal activity, the names of the participants and the location of the act. If the activity took place online, screen print any information from the computer, such as cookies that form a trail of Internet pedophile activity, if possible.

Call the police or go to the station. You will have to make a statement, so be prepared to go on record with your complaint.

Speak to someone in the special crimes unit. This department handles sexual crimes against children.

Contact the FBI. The FBI handles online child pornography and online pedophile activity. The FBI has a dedicated line to handle the cyber crimes against children and a website that lets you report the crime online (see Resources below).

Note any children that the suspect has contact with. Inform the authorities. Talk to the children's parents. Let them know that their child may be in danger. Of course, speak to authorities before sharing the information with others, but the safety of the children is most important.