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How to Identify Farm Crops

Whether you want to identify the amber waves of grain outside your car window or you are starting a hobby farm, learning to recognize farm crops is easy and fun. Instead of knowing only the end product when it reaches your table in the form of bread or a casserole, take the initiative and learn what the plants that provide our food look like in the field.

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  1. Look it up on the Internet. Photobar provides a large number of agricultural photos, including close-up images of individual crops during their various stages of growth and methods of harvest. (See Resources.)

  2. Enroll in the Future Farmers of America. This organization offers a high school program designed to educate kids in agricultural studies and general life skills. If your school doesn't offer this program, their website provides resources to introduce it. (See Resources.)

  3. Apply for an internship in agriculture. The United States Department of Agriculture provides domestic and international internship opportunities to study while receiving a stipend and living quarters for college seniors and graduate students. (See Resources.)

  4. Visit your library for books and media materials that identify farm crops. Look in the periodicals where you will find trade magazines that serve the agricultural industry.

  5. Work a summer job on a farm. There's nothing like hands-on experience to learn to identify farm crops. Farmers hire summer help because that is their main growing and harvesting season. The work is hard but the education is priceless.

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