How to Join Freegans

Being a freegan is about standing up for what you believe. Stop being a slave to the economic system, and start boycotting activities that encourage consumerism and waste.

Find community. If you're lucky enough to live in a big city, you may already know of a few freegan communities around the city. If you want to join a community of freegans, you can look on the website for groups in your area. There are also chat rooms and message boards that let you share information and resources.

Go where the food is. Finding discarded food in dumpsters is something that most freegans share, so if you want to be a freegan, you should look here first. Local restaurants and large supermarkets are often coveted spots for obtaining food that's still perfectly usable, despite a passed expiration date.

Get involved. Many freegans are actively involved in charity organizations like Food Not Bombs, so getting involved in the various causes is a great way to find others who think like you do.

Participate in Freecycle and other donation sites. Freecycle is set up as a way for people to recycle unwanted items and give them a new life somewhere else. Many freegans use the site to furnish their homes and offices.

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